One of our chalets

One of our chalets

We have 8 purpose built chalets:4 of them have an outdoors and an indoors area.2 have only an outdoors area, and the last 2 have only an indoors area. Each chalet is under cover providing protection from the harsh winter, and extreme summer, temperatures. This means that your cat will have access to an individual run in all weathers (rain or shine) and is not confined to the sleeping area. Under FAB guidelines (Feline Advisory Bureau) each chalet is big enough for at least 2 cats from the same household. One of the chalets has a full height sleeping compartment which is particularly suitable for an elderly or invalid cat. 4 of our chalets are interconnecting for larger cat families. Please advise us at the time of booking whether your cat(s) will require any of these chalets (subject to availability). Most chalets have a view of the courtyard garden.

Each chalet has:

Chalet with extended run

  • A raised sleeping compartment which is fully lined and insulated with a heat lamp for your cats’ comfort
  • Bedding and litter tray. However, we are happy for you to bring your own bedding if you feel this would help your cat feel more at home
  • A dedicated run
  • A scratch post
  • A variety of platforms and shelves to give your cat different vantage points
  • A selection of toys for playful cats but please feel free to bring any of your cats’ personal  favourites.

Please let us know if your cat has other specific requirements (such as administering medication) which we would be happy to cater for.

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Bagi on Scratchpost